Like most anthologies, there can be some variation in a reader’s enjoyment from story to story. That was true for this collection, with my perception being five fives, two fours, and one three. Averaging that out, I’m left with four five and four four stars. One of the fives was really excellent, in my opinion, so, since none of the original fours was almost a three, I picked five stars overall.
The tie-breaker was Sharon Buchbinder’s CHARLOTTE REDBIRD: GHOST COACH. After I got over my surprise with having Charly as a nickname for Charlotte (the nickname for all of the Charlottes in my life has been Shar) I really fell into this story. When Charly has a string of guided horse race gambling successes, she opens a life coaching business. Then, when a rich family tries to influence her evaluation of a trainee, Charly remains completely ethical. The rich family rather quickly gets her blackballed and torpedoes her operation.
Through a combination of fortuitous happenings, Charly’s retreat to her Grandmother’s place in the town of Cat’s Paw Cove in Florida results in her living in a rather unusual residence. While some folks might have been put off by the house’s proximity to a cemetery and the railroad station, Charly is happy to take the property. Charly has had, as far as she knows, a completely mundane existence; that’s about to change.
The story moves quickly with good humor (several out loud laughs came to me in the course of the story), an old mystery, and the antics of several very special felines (or are they mundane house cats?), and of course, since we have a romance anthology on our Kindle, a mysterious man. I really enjoyed that story.
Overall, this was perhaps the best psychic/paranormal ghost collection I’ve ever encountered. I highly recommend it.
I received an early release review copy of this volume through the publisher’s good graces. I voluntarily prepaired this honest review.

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