I was very pleasantly surprised to find an excellent read in a Holiday package. There was no appearance of hastily thrown in content to meet a publishing deadline. This Holiday novel would be good and enjoyable without the Holiday context. But it was hard to avoid spoilers due to the tight presentation.

There was well-incorporated angst. A few times I wanted to reach through my Kindle’s screen to scare some sense into the fraught with confusion main character’s heads.

This is a second chance romance, so we know before picking up our e-book reader that there shall be big secrets and multiple misunderstandings on the way to the denouement. That’s part of the genre definition. But in this case the paths to revealing the mysteries and the way in which the misunderstandings arise and are resolved are masterfully presented. The characters growth is sometimes unexpected. It’s a short volume, so it had to be a fast-burn rekindling of mutual attraction, and that turning up of the steam, at least for me, was not rushed at all and the overall steam level was quite acceptable. I heartily recommend this excellent short read.

Disclaimer: I received an advanced review copy of this e-book and am voluntarily writing this honest review.

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