I’m a long-time fan of BDSM-based romances. Among my favorite authors are Red Phoenix, Pebbles Lacasse, Simone Leigh, and Lucia Jordan. Well, move over ladies, and make plenty of room for Alyssa Turner on the goodies shelf!
This series-beginning volume shows a lot of promise. We have plenty of kink, steam, drama, angst, and superb character development. Our deliciously submissive and pleasingly curious princess is exposed to the lifestyle and learns some lessons along the way, such has being prepared when entering negotiations and not jumping in blindly with both feet. Her four doms, who feel like they are in the process of possibly becoming a reverse harem due to the level of internal commitment they feel towards our leading lady, are completely and properly dominant in appropriate settings.
This novel shows an understanding of and proper respect to the lifestyle. I can’t guess whether that’s due to excellent research or personal experience, or both, and it really doesn’t matter. The plotting, surprises and all, is outstanding and the writing is superb. When I downloaded this e-book to my tablet, I planned to take a quick look and return to other books in process. Silly me. I inhaled this one non-stop without even a potty break. Luckily I have a strong bladder and already had a container with water in reach, so I had no reason to close the tablet before a tempting cliffhanger. Any dampness left behind when I exited for the toilet was not due to urinary incontinence.
I am really looking forward to the next installment of the Unmatched series. Right now Red’s Brie saga is at 29 volumes, going on 30. Right now, I’m hoping that there’s a Sam epic inside Alyssa that’s even longer and is trying to get out into the world.


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