• Slippery Curves Series, Book 1
  • By: Adele Niles
  • Narrated by: Randi Johnson
  • Length: 1 hr and 6 mins

  • Overall:               5 out of 5 stars
    Performance:   5 out of 5 stars
    Story:                   4 out of 5 stars

Entertaining short listen – One commute size

Addy and Owen Are working on a project, with Owen an experienced outside consultant who likes to keep business and pleasure apart. Young Addy has been crushing on Owen and fantasizing about him since they first met in person. To celebrate the completion of their project the team goes out for drinks. OK, the story is short and steamy; whadda you think happens? Yep. But Addy is too drunk to accomplish the anticipated events. She passes out.

When she returns to the conscious world, Owen is no where to be found and he didn’t leave any contact information. If they are going to continue their story, Owen will have to give into his internal cravings and find Addy. But when he returns to where they met, she’s not there. Another location challenge stands between our heroes. No more almost-spoilers for first-time exposure to steamy romance listeners.

Good job Adele! The book’s largest fault for me is that it’s way too short. These truly likable (even if you occasionally want to reach into the speaker to knock them up beside the head) characters deserve much more stage time with each other. It’s almost like a waste of great character development.

Randi is arguably (no arguments from me) the best male narrator working in the Romance genres at this time. His vocal interpretations and tone of voice are always right on, and seem to me to convey his author’s intentions admirably.

This listen might be short, but it is still very enjoyable. Highly recommended from my corner of the planet.


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