Marlene is a strong, talented, independent woman who receives some threatening missives. Her ex gets Sawyer, an attractive, buffed, potentially dangerous mystery man to try to help and protect her.
When they meet there is a strong, almost instant, physical attraction. This gets the reader a pleasingly rapid weekend encounter! The pair sizzles well and the action is not a cookbook set of sequences. They clearly are developing a romantic connection to go along with their physical attraction.
There’s no need for further details; the plot line is strong, there’s clear and present danger, heroic response, intrigue, all worked into some appealing twists and turns. While Marlene is a strong woman she also undergoes character development. Before the end of the novel I was wishing that I had a friend like her. Sawyer’s personality is gradually revealed and he becomes an admirable book boyfriend.
In my opinion, this volume is the strongest entry in the One Weekend with series. Everything in the series has been strong; none of the novels have been less than really good. Marlene and Sawyer’s story is an excellent effort and helps maintain my enthusiasm for Lexi’s books. If you enjoy steamy, adventurous, and creative contemporary romance, this book’s for you.

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