I was so happy when I started this book to discover that it was that romantic rarity, a rescue based fast burn. Also, the liberal use of street language in all it’s raw power helps supercharge the story. If you’re looking for a tale couched in thee, thou, by your leave, and other obsolete courtly language, this is not a book for you (clean historical romances are over thataway).
Cheryl receives Jonny’s card when he discovers that the beautiful lady was with a heinous boyfriend. They part after he urges her to contact him if she has need of help.
Cheryl’s out-of-control life might end up crushing her if her abusive boyfriend doesn’t beat the villain to the task. A ruthless crime boss is after her with no good intentions. So she runs to our beautiful bad boy Jonny’s office and pours out some of her tale hoping to receive help from him and his very powerful connections. Jonny is no Boy Scout, but he’s also not willing to leave his luscious visitor for the sharks.
It doesn’t take long until the pair are dodging hot lead. And it takes very little time after their adrenaline boost before they are passionately and enthusiastically working off their natural chemical high. So this reader suspected that any romantic connection between the pair would grow from and be subsidiary to their physical need for each other. No spoiler; read for yourself.
There are a good set of obstacles set in the way of the pair’s efforts to free Cherly from the crime boss, and some of their solutions to the obstacles are totally unexpected. Both characters experience some growth, some times in surprising ways. Healthy doses of deceit, betrayal, secrets untold, and ever present dangers add meat to the story.

I received a no charge advance review copy of this e-book through BookSprouts and have voluntarily decided to submit this honest review.


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