Lady Esther is an upstanding member of society who was grievously disappointed by her betrothed. Duke Stefan is a scoundrel, womanizer, scandalous, devious, and unmindful of any hurts he leaves in his carefree wake. When Stefan rescues Esther they begin to learn a bit about each other and Stefan commits to helping Esther win back the man that abandoned her through a scheme to generate jealousy in the once betrothed.
Their scheme is not straightforward nor is it guaranteed to succeed. In fact, it is guaranteed to raise multiple difficulties. As Esther and Stefan work together they each develop feelings toward each other. But neither of them understands themselves well enough to immediately recognize the mutual attraction. It’s a journey in character development and self-realization that will be necessary if they are ever to get together.
As the walls between our two main characters crumble and they begin to move closer, society will not gleefully accept them.
It’s the ups and downs and the characters’ changes, sometimes helped and sometimes hindered by the supporting cast that kept me turning pages past my bedtime.
I believe that never have I ever read a better Regency Romance novel.


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