There are many books that address parts of the BDSM universe. Not that many of them deal with spanking. And not many of those also deal with pet/fuzzy play. And not many of those greatly exceed reader’s expectations. Then we have Vonna Harper’s Held as His Pet which smashes all of those goals right out of the park.

Without going far beyond the scope of the blurb for this volume, we discover that the twins Sara and Jason were always quite close and that they could sense some things about their sibling from a distance. Jason goes missing and is presumed dead. Sara *knows* that he still lives. She hatches a plan with the help of her father, the General, to enter the enemy’s territory to find out more information about Jason’s fate. After all, the enemy is thought to be honorable and they would never truly harm a woman as beautiful and sensuous as Sara.

Sara gets herself captured and falls into the clutches of Tanner, whose cousin is known as a trainer of dogs. The cousin’s tools include leashes, collar, and cages. Perhaps he can use those tools to tame Sara? We get some pet play, very well described and with strong sensuous overtones. And it turns out that an old fashioned red bottom spanking is eventually enjoyed by Sara.

Sara and Tanner join forces to try and determine Jason’s fate. At this time Tanner is unaware that Sara is his enemy’s general’s daughter. Can his ignorance possibly be maintained to the denouement?

There are plenty of erotic scenes and wonderful depictions of power exchange. The world building is complete; there are no obvious holes in the design. Also, the character development both involving BDSM elements and involving vanilla concerns is thrilling. The book is truly excellent. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed at all.

I received a no charge advance review copy of this novel, and I am voluntarily leaving this honest review.


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