by Lucinda Nelson (Author), Starfall Publication (Editor)

I first learned about the existence of this novel in an author’s newsletter from Lucinda Nelson. I did not receive an ARC of the volume, nor did Lucinda send it to me. I one-clicked it in the Kindle store. Not KU-ed it; one-clicked it.

My first surprise was that the novel is a real novel, of old fashioned print media novel size! This book is 941 Kindle pages long. Some authors are selling “novels” with 90-120 Kindle pages. Impressive.

Enough preliminaries. This book has a broad sweep, starting with a brother who blames himself for his sister’s kidnapping, covering 10 years or so, two pairs of best friends with each character growing as the story progresses, a case of amnesia, barriers and challenges threatening to derail things before the hoped-for reuniting of the siblings can possibly occur, meddlesome relatives, two heart-warming romances, and enough twists and turns to keep returning this reader to the edge of her seat.

There are a few problems in the text; some cases of confused pronouns in scenes with more than two speakers, a few typos were missed in line editing and proofreading, including an error in the timeline, and one thing that bothered me philosophically, because the villain was not punished nearly enough for my bloodthirsty self.

I highly recommend this novel. I would highly recommend it if I didn’t follow Lucinda.


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