Review: The Rogue’s Dangerous Confession: Historical Regency Romance (Dangerous Desires Book 3) Kindle Edition by Ella Edon

This novel is extraordinary for several reasons and the clear leader is Jane’s story arc. Her transition from entitled precious spoiled brat child into a strong self-knowledgeable woman quite capable of making her own decisions is remarkable. Every step along the way contributes in some way to her growth. And the developing of a relationship between her and Alexander is a masterly touch, even as the reader is led to expect them to get together, it’s far from a sure thing. The twists and turns and obstacles to overcome are tightly would into the plot and none of them seem contrived; they make sense.
A murder mystery skillfully wound into a well-developed history lesson with a surprising villain is the icing on this delicious cake.

Not directly impacting this review, Ella’s growth as a writer is very, very impressive. My first exposure to her writing was a seemingly rushed one or two star short with more than enough plot for a 300-page novel fraught with errors. Jane’s story has placed Ella firmly in my top 10 with full 1-Click privileges.

I was provided with an advance reader copy of this novel and I have voluntarily chosen to submit this review.

Review: Wide Awake: The Goddess Chronicles Book 1 by KB Anne

This is book number one and a wonderful start to a brand new series with a brand new author that is surprisingly successful. I would recommend this story to everyone in the target age range who loves reading about magic.
The characters are good and the heroine, especially, has a wonderful development arc. The plot has many twists and turns, and I really enjoyed that. A background sense of humor drifting through the story gave me some grins and chuckles and a few good laughs loud enough to disturb a puppy napping at my feet.
I suspect that later in the series, when our heroine reaches her full magical powers and has interactions with her her mystery man that there will be real fireworks from our badass.

I received this volume at no cost from BookSprout and have voluntarily chosen to write this honest review.

Review: Held as His Pet by Vonna Harper

There are many books that address parts of the BDSM universe. Not that many of them deal with spanking. And not many of those also deal with pet/fuzzy play. And not many of those greatly exceed reader’s expectations. Then we have Vonna Harper’s Held as His Pet which smashes all of those goals right out of the park.

Without going far beyond the scope of the blurb for this volume, we discover that the twins Sara and Jason were always quite close and that they could sense some things about their sibling from a distance. Jason goes missing and is presumed dead. Sara *knows* that he still lives. She hatches a plan with the help of her father, the General, to enter the enemy’s territory to find out more information about Jason’s fate. After all, the enemy is thought to be honorable and they would never truly harm a woman as beautiful and sensuous as Sara.

Sara gets herself captured and falls into the clutches of Tanner, whose cousin is known as a trainer of dogs. The cousin’s tools include leashes, collar, and cages. Perhaps he can use those tools to tame Sara? We get some pet play, very well described and with strong sensuous overtones. And it turns out that an old fashioned red bottom spanking is eventually enjoyed by Sara.

Sara and Tanner join forces to try and determine Jason’s fate. At this time Tanner is unaware that Sara is his enemy’s general’s daughter. Can his ignorance possibly be maintained to the denouement?

There are plenty of erotic scenes and wonderful depictions of power exchange. The world building is complete; there are no obvious holes in the design. Also, the character development both involving BDSM elements and involving vanilla concerns is thrilling. The book is truly excellent. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed at all.

I received a no charge advance review copy of this novel, and I am voluntarily leaving this honest review.

Review: Winning the Heart of the Mischievous Duke: Historical Regency Romance Novel (Kindle Edition) by Ella Edon

Lady Esther is an upstanding member of society who was grievously disappointed by her betrothed. Duke Stefan is a scoundrel, womanizer, scandalous, devious, and unmindful of any hurts he leaves in his carefree wake. When Stefan rescues Esther they begin to learn a bit about each other and Stefan commits to helping Esther win back the man that abandoned her through a scheme to generate jealousy in the once betrothed.
Their scheme is not straightforward nor is it guaranteed to succeed. In fact, it is guaranteed to raise multiple difficulties. As Esther and Stefan work together they each develop feelings toward each other. But neither of them understands themselves well enough to immediately recognize the mutual attraction. It’s a journey in character development and self-realization that will be necessary if they are ever to get together.
As the walls between our two main characters crumble and they begin to move closer, society will not gleefully accept them.
It’s the ups and downs and the characters’ changes, sometimes helped and sometimes hindered by the supporting cast that kept me turning pages past my bedtime.
I believe that never have I ever read a better Regency Romance novel.

Review: Beyond Paradise by Barbara Nolan

I was so happy when I started this book to discover that it was that romantic rarity, a rescue based fast burn. Also, the liberal use of street language in all it’s raw power helps supercharge the story. If you’re looking for a tale couched in thee, thou, by your leave, and other obsolete courtly language, this is not a book for you (clean historical romances are over thataway).
Cheryl receives Jonny’s card when he discovers that the beautiful lady was with a heinous boyfriend. They part after he urges her to contact him if she has need of help.
Cheryl’s out-of-control life might end up crushing her if her abusive boyfriend doesn’t beat the villain to the task. A ruthless crime boss is after her with no good intentions. So she runs to our beautiful bad boy Jonny’s office and pours out some of her tale hoping to receive help from him and his very powerful connections. Jonny is no Boy Scout, but he’s also not willing to leave his luscious visitor for the sharks.
It doesn’t take long until the pair are dodging hot lead. And it takes very little time after their adrenaline boost before they are passionately and enthusiastically working off their natural chemical high. So this reader suspected that any romantic connection between the pair would grow from and be subsidiary to their physical need for each other. No spoiler; read for yourself.
There are a good set of obstacles set in the way of the pair’s efforts to free Cherly from the crime boss, and some of their solutions to the obstacles are totally unexpected. Both characters experience some growth, some times in surprising ways. Healthy doses of deceit, betrayal, secrets untold, and ever present dangers add meat to the story.

I received a no charge advance review copy of this e-book through BookSprouts and have voluntarily decided to submit this honest review.

Review: One Wild Weekend with Sawyer (One Weekend with Series, #4) by Lexi Hart

Marlene is a strong, talented, independent woman who receives some threatening missives. Her ex gets Sawyer, an attractive, buffed, potentially dangerous mystery man to try to help and protect her.
When they meet there is a strong, almost instant, physical attraction. This gets the reader a pleasingly rapid weekend encounter! The pair sizzles well and the action is not a cookbook set of sequences. They clearly are developing a romantic connection to go along with their physical attraction.
There’s no need for further details; the plot line is strong, there’s clear and present danger, heroic response, intrigue, all worked into some appealing twists and turns. While Marlene is a strong woman she also undergoes character development. Before the end of the novel I was wishing that I had a friend like her. Sawyer’s personality is gradually revealed and he becomes an admirable book boyfriend.
In my opinion, this volume is the strongest entry in the One Weekend with series. Everything in the series has been strong; none of the novels have been less than really good. Marlene and Sawyer’s story is an excellent effort and helps maintain my enthusiasm for Lexi’s books. If you enjoy steamy, adventurous, and creative contemporary romance, this book’s for you.

An Unforgettable Night with the Desirable Duke: A Historical Regency Romance Novel

by Lucinda Nelson (Author), Starfall Publication (Editor)

I first learned about the existence of this novel in an author’s newsletter from Lucinda Nelson. I did not receive an ARC of the volume, nor did Lucinda send it to me. I one-clicked it in the Kindle store. Not KU-ed it; one-clicked it.

My first surprise was that the novel is a real novel, of old fashioned print media novel size! This book is 941 Kindle pages long. Some authors are selling “novels” with 90-120 Kindle pages. Impressive.

Enough preliminaries. This book has a broad sweep, starting with a brother who blames himself for his sister’s kidnapping, covering 10 years or so, two pairs of best friends with each character growing as the story progresses, a case of amnesia, barriers and challenges threatening to derail things before the hoped-for reuniting of the siblings can possibly occur, meddlesome relatives, two heart-warming romances, and enough twists and turns to keep returning this reader to the edge of her seat.

There are a few problems in the text; some cases of confused pronouns in scenes with more than two speakers, a few typos were missed in line editing and proofreading, including an error in the timeline, and one thing that bothered me philosophically, because the villain was not punished nearly enough for my bloodthirsty self.

I highly recommend this novel. I would highly recommend it if I didn’t follow Lucinda.